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Alternatives to Public School

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We at KFA have been setting the foundation to help parents find alternatives to government education for their children and are making it even more of a priority this year. We are reaching out to leaders, educators and families across Kentucky. We are here to assess where the needs are and how we can pull together to meet the needs, by providing the resources it takes for a given community. One of the people we have connected with, we interviewed on Dr Simon's "The Rest of the News" Program, which you can see here.

American Family Association of Kentucky, now called Kentucky Family Association, has been a strong supporter of a Christian education for some time. You can see some other resources we can connect you with here as well as some curricula recommendations here.

We believe strongly in school choice, and that the educational funds should follow the child. We continue to try to move for legislation on that. In the mean time, we try to offer affordable alternatives.

We would like to point you to some materials posted below for download that will be helpful if you would like to start a conversation with anyone who you think would like to look at alternatives to public school.

One is a form letter, that can help you get a conversation started with a pastor or colleague.

2023 Form Letter for alternatives to public school
Download PDF • 557KB

The next is a brochure to introduce people to the idea of why an alternative may be a good fit for families and their children. It is also a good way to put people in contact with us to arrange for an informational presentation.

2023 Why A Christian School Brochure_vers 2
Download PDF • 1.41MB

We will soon have a power point presentation available and information about scholarships.

Please share this post with those you know that would like more information.

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