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Dear Friend,

Please let me know what you think of this letter.


1. Did Joe Biden win the election for President fair and square or did the election violate the Insurrection Act? (The Insurrection Act prevents foreign countries form trying to take over our elections and put their candidates into office.)

2. Is the Covid-19 Virus a natural virus or was it man made germ warfare by the Chinese Communists who made it and set it loose on the world to take over America? (You can order DVD #100, the Epoch Times video, that explains this. See order form on back of this page.)

3. Were the Supreme Court and Congress and State Legislatures justified in ignoring the fraudulent elections?

4. Will we ever have fair elections again?

5. Who controls the all important “early childhood development” of our children? Parents or the left wing NEA (National Education Association)?

6. Who controls almost all our media and social media?

7. What is the answer to these problems?

1) Recognize and acknowledge the problems.

2) Organize

3) Unite and work together

4) Pray and educate the country and the world.

I am very concerned about the above seven questions. I believe that they get at the heart of the attack that is going on in America today. They raise the question: Will we be able to survive?

We at AFA are doing our best to recognize the problem and organize opposition:

1) We are trying to organize new chapters in the major cities in Kentucky. Each chapter will have a committee to recruit more workers and oppose or support important legislation.

2) We are continuing our weekly TV and radio programs.

3) We have over 100,000 contacts in Kentucky and we are trying to reach more people to ask them the 7 questions and educate more citizens in the state.

4) We will renew our Voter Voice email alert system at a cost of over $3,000 so people can simply click and send an email to their Kentucky legislators in Frankfort and Washington DC.

5) We are helping sponsor a speaker Trevor Loudon to come to Kentuckiana and educate people about Communism in America. See flier in back of this page.

6) We continue to host prayer meetings every Saturday 10-11 am in and around Louisville. You can find the location for prayer meetings on our website under events.

7) We have a class on the Deep State every Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm at 1404 F Browns Ln Louisville KY (2nd floor). Join us if you can. If possible, send us a tax deductible donation to help us save our commonwealth and country.

See our DONATE page for details.


Frank G. Simon, M.D., Director

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