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Who We Are

Pro-Life, for every stage of life matters...

Pro-limited government,
with rights reserved for the states...

Pro-2nd amendment,
with the citizenry's right to bear arms...

Pro-traditional marriage,
with one man and one woman




Our Purpose

  1. To promote decency in American society through the distributing of information.

  2. To inform you through mailings. phone calls, fliers, emai I alerts, meetings and word of mouth.

  3. To take a stand on moral decency, pro-family, and pro-life issues.

  4. To inform you about the negative effects of violence, crime and terrorism in America.

  5. To do all those things necessary to promote the founding moral principles that made America one nation under God and to help

  6. people receive the gift of Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Memorial Verse


AFA State Chapters

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