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Who We Are




Pro-Life, for every stage of life matters...
Pro-limited government, with rights reserved for the states...
Pro-2nd amendment, with the citizenry's right to bear arms...
Pro-traditional marriage, with one man and one woman

Our Purpose

1. To promote decency in American society through the distributing of information.

2. To inform you through mailings. phone calls, fliers, emaiI alerts, meetings and word of mouth.

3. To take a stand on moral decency, pro-family, and pro-life issues.

4. To inform you about the negative effects of violence, crime and terrorism in America.

5. To promote the founding moral principles that made America one nation under God and to help

        people receive the gift of Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ.


Born out of the National Organization

Dr Frank G Simon-Director


Dr. Frank G. Simon has a practice in allergy and internal medicine in the St. Matthews area of Louisville, KY, having served patients for over 50 years. He graduated from Connecticut Wesleyan University with honors in Biology, and got his MD degree from Tufts University School of Medicine where he became a member of the Academic Honorary Medical Society, AOA. He is board certified in Allergy and Clinical Immunology and is also board certified in Internal Medicine. He became a Fellow in the American College of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 1991. He has published articles in Medical and Scientific Journals.


He is a widower. He was married to Helen Tolis Simon for 49 years when she passed away in June 2013. They have one son and 2 granddaughters. Their son, Frank Tolis Simon, is also a physician in Louisville.


Dr. Simon is executive secretary of Kentucky Doctors for Life. (Since 1985)


He started his leadership in the pro-family movement as Treasurer of the Moral Majority of Kentucky  in  1979, when Jerry Falwell was in charge of the national Moral Majority. Then in 1982-1985 he was President of Freedom Foundation of Kentucky, when Pat Robertson was in charge of the national group. In 1985-1993 he was President of American Coalition for Traditional Values, when Tim LaHaye was in charge of the national group.

Dr. Simon is director of the American Family Association of Kentucky (and has been since he opened this affiliate in 1993). AFA national was started by Don Wildman. AFA is a Pro Family educational non profit organization that is Pro Life and supports the traditional family. The AFA of KY promotes the founding moral principles that made America one nation under God, and the great nation it has become.

Dr. Simon believes that there is a Cultural, Spiritual War in America today. Many of the important decisions which have been made in America during our lifetime have been unconstitutional political decisions which were made illegally by unelected federal judges with the help of the liberal media and the ACLU. (Examples include Partial Birth Abortion, Special Rights for sexual behavior, the redefining of marriage, and the removal of Prayer and the Ten Commandments from Public Schools and most recently the overturning of states’ definition of traditional marriage.) These decisions can, and should be reversed by an informed electorate.

In 2022, AFA national recognized Dr. Simon with the Don Wildmon Cultural Transformation Award, for his "valiant leadership for four decades in defense of America's founding Judeo-Christian principles."

AFA Award Best Cropped.JPG

In 1985, Dr. Simon founded Freedom’s Heritage Forum, a political action committee. He now volunteers for this political action committee. This PAC publicizes Sample Ballots for the May Primary and November General Elections, and recently partnered with Heritage Alliance to provide an online voter guide for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In December 2003, Dr Simon started a weekly half hour news program called The Rest of the News, which covers the news that the liberal media does not want to cover. The weekly TV show started out on Insight Cable Access TV and is now on WBNA 21.4. The Rest of the News airs on Thursdays at 7:30 am and Saturdays at 5 pm and can be seen on Time Warner / Spectrum Cable Digital Channel 185.  Past shows are archived online at and In the past he hosted a TV Show and a radio show and discussed the moral issues of the day.


In 2004, Dr. Simon worked with the Kentucky Political Issues Committee – YES for Traditional Marriage. They worked with others to promote the passage of the Kentucky Marriage Amendment and believe that the traditional marriage of one man and one woman is the bedrock of society. On November 2, 2004, the Kentucky Marriage Amendment passed with an overwhelming majority of 75%.


In 2009, Dr. Simon started the TEA Party of Kentucky, Inc. He had a state wide TEA Party at the capitol in Frankfort, KY on July 4, 2009. He traveled across the commonwealth of Kentucky holding rallies and promoting the TEA party movement.


In 2010, Dr Simon started Kentuckians for Freedom, LLC, a news and educational association, which publishes a newsletter called “Freedom Speaks Out” every other month. At election time, they publish a voter guide.


In March 2017, Dr Simon started a weekly live call-in radio program called The Rest of the News on WGTK, 970 AM, which airs on Saturday 8:30 am and Sunday 7:30 PM. The radio show is filmed and turned into his half hour TV Show also called The Rest of the News.

Dr Simon has been fighting for years to bring prayer back into public schools. In 2017, the Kentucky Legislature passed Senate Bill 17, the Student Religious Liberty Bill and spells out the students' constitutional rights for freedom of expression for religious and political speech. It allows bible clubs in government schools after-school. He has been working to get Bible clubs (called Truth Warriors) started in government schools. 

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