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Inspire someone else to take a stand.

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Deadline of Monday October 3rd

Dear valued member/volunteer of AFA,

We appreciate all that you do and how you have been able to have an impact on the issues that we fight so diligently for.

In a recent meeting we were discussing how many people are having an impact across Kentucky, that many of us will never know about. And then there are those who say, “I am just one person, what can I do that will make a difference?” Well many individuals change the course of the world with one act, one word, and even their presence in one place just for taking a stand.

We have heard from many of you in the past who have shared how you impacted a cause that was important to you and how you made a difference. For that we are grateful. And I am sure that there are more of you out there doing great things. We are taught not to be boastful. And I agree with that, but we can offer inspiration to others by our example. Would you share your personal story with our AFA family about how you were able to affect change for a conservative Christian cause like those we fight for as an organization?

Isaiah 6 describes how the prophet Isaiah, through a vision from the Lord, begins his ministry for God. In the vision, the Lord asks, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6:8a). Isaiah’s response was to volunteer for service: “Here am I; send me.” (verse 8b, KJV)

I decided years ago that I was going to take a stand for God and asked Him to “send me” and the rest is history.

We want to inspire you to know that you can influence the people around you too. We are asking if you will write a few short paragraphs to tell your story and be a part of our campaign “Taking a Stand for Kentucky – One person at a Time”. Once we receive your short story, we will publish it in a blog with your permission. Deadline to submit your story is Monday, October 3rd, 2022. You can include a photo if you wish. It can be of you or whatever helps to convey the message. And then we will feature some of these stories with our member list to inspire them to Take a Stand for Kentucky. We need to take a stand now more than ever for God and Country. Won’t you join us?



                                                             Frank G. Simon, M.D., Director

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