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2022 Accomplishments

Below is a partial list of our ACCOMPLISHMENTS that we have done this year
thanks to your prayers and support:


  1. Below is a partial list of our ACCOMPLISHMENTS that we have done this year thanks to your prayers and support:

  2. We made a name transition from American Family Association of Kentucky (AFA of KY) to become Kentucky Family Association (KFA).

  3. We hosted Patriot Education Classes nearly every Tuesday at 5:30pm on various topics from January through October. Special thanks to our outstanding volunteer, Darlene Rufra, for implementing this monumental task.

  4. We and Southern Indiana Patriots cohosted Trevor Louden to speak in Louisville in January 2022.

  5. We and Southern Indiana Patriots cohosted two great speakers in southern Indiana in February: Brandon Holthous and Dr Andy Woods.

  6. We hosted the National Day of Prayer Rally at the Louisville courthouse on May 5.

  7. We hosted a

  8. We hosted two candidate night forums with free dinners, one for primary candidates and one for the general election.

  9. We donated a scholarship to More Grace Academy to help fund their Christian school.

  10. We hosted a luncheon at a nearby church on Taylorsville Rd to help promote their new school.

  11. We conducted several including at JCPS board meetings.

  12. We hosted several showings of the film, .

  13. We produced every Friday. The show airs on facebook live on Friday afternoons (go to The show is on 970 AM radio Saturdays 8:30 am and Sundays 7:30 pm. We air in Western KY (noon Saturdays Central Time) on 91.1 FM (Hiseville, Glasgow), 91.5 FM (McDaniels, Leitchfield, Central City) and 98.3 FM (Owensboro, KY and Rockport, IN). We filmed the radio show and produced a TV program. The TV show airs on WBNA channel 21.4 on BIG4 TV (Cable 185) Saturdays 4:00 pm. Our shows can also be seen online on at:

  14. We sponsored radio programs five days a week for Values Coalition, USA; on WLLV (1240 AM on your radio dial) from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

  15. We sent 4 newsletters to update supporters and concerned citizens on moral and family issues and upcoming events.

  16. We informed people and gave them an easy way to make their voices heard by sending over 80 email alerts, using Voter Voice, a system with pre-written letters to our elected officials. We now have over 8,000 people in our email alerts.

  17. We encouraged people to attend school board meetings in Jefferson and surrounding counties. Several of our speakers have been shown on local TV stations.

  18. We made phone call alerts to notify you of important legislation, moral issues, and upcoming events.

  19. We continued purchasing and distributing more

  20. We distributed a with inserted pages of photographs of staff, volunteers, and events.

  21. We helped numerous other conservative groups with their projects and rallies, including American Family Association National, Heritage Action, Kentuckians for Freedom, Kentucky Doctors for Life Foundation, Southern Indiana Patriots, and Constitutional Kentucky.



THANKS for making this all possible!

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