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DVD Resources List

DVDs that we have RETIRED are omitted from this list, unavailable from us, and do not have numbers below.



Some of these videos available online:  CGM Videos.  Also see

Catalog number and Description

1. District of Corruption: This is about an 8 minute trailer from YouTube that talks about a 2 hour movie made by Judicial Watch that is mostly about Obama Care.

2. Phyllis Schlafly: A Skype interview with Phyllis about the Nov 6 election: What happened? Where do we go from here?

3. The Project: This is a documentary about “The Muslim Brotherhood Project” to take over the US. The original DVD was made by Glenn Beck. Retired Kentucky State Representative Ed Holloway discusses the issue.

4. Bishop E. W. Jackson:  is a black pastor who made an 8 minute DVD telling black Christians why they should get out of the Democrat Party. This was played on Fox Cable News. The Bishop is interviewed by Rick Howland, a black Christian.

5. Days of Elijah: This DVD is about 10 minutes long and shows Donnie McClurkin, a black gospel singer, singing for President George Bush Jr. at the White House. The song is about the Second Coming of Christ.

6. Muslim Brotherhood: This documentary is about the Muslim terrorists infiltrating the Obama White House. This DVD also has large excerpts from “The Third Jihad” video and an “Act for America” video.

7. Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: This is a Skype interview with missionary Peter Hammond in South Africa. We review his book by the same title. This DVD also has an excerpt from another documentary. YouTube deleted it from our channel.

8. One Nation Under God: This is about making America One Nation Under God again. It was made by “Champion the” and includes segments by Dr. James Dobson and David Barton.

9. Indoctrination: This is about the US Public Schools. 28 ½ minutes are with Jim Waters of the Bluegrass Institute in  

Bowling Green. The other 28 ½ minutes are with Colin Gunn who made the original DVD.

10. Curtis Bowers speaks in Church about his Agenda I DVD, which documents Frankfort School Communists infiltrating US institutions. This DVD also has his children singing spiritual / patriotic songs.

11. CD of Classic Hymns performed by Robert Caughron: A CD of our volunteer, Robert, singing old time Hymns.

12. The Creature from Jekyll Island: A 45 minute DVD on the Federal Reserve System and the National Debt.

13. Kitty Werthman: Part 1) A 28 ½ minute interview with Kitty who lived in Austria when Hitler took over. She warns America of how we’re losing our freedoms like they did in Austria. Part 2) “The Secret Life of Adolph Hitler” (52 min).

15. Restore America: 7 video clips from, includes: Understand our role as Christian Citizens (1:42), The American Form of Government (10:35), Voter Responsibilities with David Barton (8:45) US Capitol Tour with David Barton (8:04), Why Should Christians Care? (3:51), Your Vote Counts (1:44) and One Vote Matters (1:34)

18. AFA Conference, Rediscovering God in America: A DVD with Dr. John Hagee, Newt Gingrich & Dr. Matt Staver.

19. Rabbi Cahn and Dr Ben Carson: A DVD with 2 videos 1) Rabbi Cahn, author of the best selling book The

Harbinger, speaks at the inaugural prayer breakfast 2013. 2) Dr Carson, famous surgeon & speaker, at the National

Prayer Breakfast.

20. Alin Neamtu: Alin,an eyewitness to the communist rule in Romania-points out many parallels in America today- 28min.

21. Socialized Medicine, The Rest of the News with Logan Clements, producer of Sick and Sicker (28min)

22. Gianna Jessen, Abortion Attempt Survivor: Gianna gives an incredible 1 hour speech of her testimony. Also included, is an introductory video of Gianna called “Every Life is Beautiful” (1min. 42sec).

23. Norma McCorvey, ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe V. Wade: A pro-life DVD of Norma McCorvey speaking in Louisville,

Kentucky. (28 min) An introductory clip of Norma also included.

24. Melissa Ohden, Abortion Attempt Survivor: A pro-life DVD of Melissa Ohden who survived an abortion

attempted by her mother. (28 min) (Also, a one minute introductory clip of Melissa included)

25B. Common Core – David Barton on The Blaze (49 min) 
25C. Common Core – Repeal Common Core – Ohio State Rep. Andrew Thompson
25D. Common Core – Dangers and Threats

26. Evidence Against Evolution & Consequences of Evolution: 5 part DVD under 1 hour in length includes: 1) Del Tackett

author of The Truth Project introduces where belief in Darwin can take us. 2) Evolution Refuted by Answers in Genesis

shows that science has proven evolution is false (2:37) 3) Darwin’s Deadly Legacy by D.J. Kennedy shows that Hitler &

Stalin were both followers of Darwin & this is what caused the atrocities they created (approx 32 min) 4) Barack

Obama on Science & Darwin a short video clip shows Obama supports Darwin. 5) Already Gone by Answers in

Genesis shows the tragedy of modern civilization that occurs when it abandons God (2:46).Do NOT copy this DVD without  

permission from Answers in Genesis. 

27. Four Power Questions to Ask an Evolutionist: (50 mins) ©2013 Answers In Genesis,

Do NOT copy this DVD without getting permission from Answers in Genesis.

28. Gun Rights: A 28 ½ minute episode of The Rest of the News with Tony Wheatley of Bluegrass Concealed Carry and

other video.

33. Tim Barton on The Rest of the News (28.5 mins) Getting Prayer back in schools. Tim, David Barton’s son works at WallBuilders.

38. The Determinators – Tea Party Patriots DVD on Exposing the Government Takeover of Healthcare.  

39. The Rest of the News: Environmentalism with Ed Holloway & Dr Simon, & 4 related videos on global warming
      and Agenda 21.

40. Youth Revival, a DVD with Kyle Deaton on The Rest of the News (32 min)

41. What Gay Marriage Did to Massachusetts, (Promoting Homosexuality in Kindergarten) (28 min)
      28 min video by MassResistance, a pro-family action center in Massachusetts.

42. Update: Crime & Children at the Mexican Border: includes 3 video clips - US Border Patrol Intelligence Briefing,
     Former border patrol agents speaks out, TX Gov. Perry sends national guard to border.

43. Bill Federer speech (2 hours) on History of Islam and explanation of Obama Policies. DVD includes 2 other videos with Brigitte Gabriel and Dennis Prager.

43B. Muslim Immigrants in America: Overload Welfare System & Other Problems

44A. Free Market Warrior: Loren Spivack: (30 min.) Author, economist, political activist & speaker on economics & small gov’t;

44B. Conservative Message: Bill Whittle at David Horowitz Restoration Weekend (15 min)
44C. Rafael Cruz: Ted Cruz’s Father speaks on The Constitution & America (1hr1min)

45. Has Our Government Been Honest? Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq.  Deception in passing the ObamaCare Law (Gruber). (20 min)

46. A Message for Black Americans

47. Eye Opening Declarations: Rest of the News, Death to America, Democrats Kick God Out of Their Platform

49. Islamic Sharia Law: From England’s Neighborhoods to Dearborn, Michigan.

51. Islamic Immigration Crisis: 2 episodes of The Rest of the News with Ed Holloway and General Carl Black with extra videos.

52. Planned Parenthood selling body parts

53. Curtis Bowers speaks about his Agenda II, Masters of Deceit DVD

54. Gov Matt Bevin Inauguration Day Church Service in Frankfort, KY 2015

55. Muslim Refugee Crisis, TV Show plus extra videos.

56.  Illegal Immigration

57. Searching for the Soul of America: The Lecturn, Alan Bivens speaks on America’s Christian heritage. (approx 24 min.)

58. Rev. Rafael Cruz – Reclaiming America. 40% of Christians are not voting. Now is the time!

59. How Islam is Ruining Europe & America. 4 part DVD approx 90 minutes.

60. West Virginia Mountain Revival – in 5 parts about 83 min total (2016)

61. Politics Easy as PIE Interview with Bob McEwen 29 min episode of The Rest of the News

62. ISIS in America – Warning to America from a former Muslim lady (14 minutes).
63. Why I left the Democrat Party - Former Garland, Texas, NAACP president Pastor CL Bryant speaks on why he left the
      Democratic Party and his recent film “Runaway Slave: Run From Tyranny to Liberty”

64. Can We Delay America’s Coming Implosion? - Dr Robert Jeffress (approx. 23 minutes)

64B. Can We Delay America’s Coming Implosion? - Dr Robert Jeffress (approx. 7 minutes)

65. CD Duty of Pastors & Elected Officials to Stand in the Gap to Defend Religious Freedom

66. What Obama & Democrats Do to Americans – Inflict Collateral Damage - War on Coal (Approx. 24 minutes)

67. War on Children—explicit sex education in public schools
68. Marine Steve Gern’s video message about travel ban goes viral (6 minutes)
69. Big Agenda – David Horowitz, President Trump’s Plan to Save America. (107 minutes total).
70. Is America A Christian Nation? – David Barton (55 Minutes)
71. Stealth Invasion Antifa: No Trump, No Wall, No USA at all, Terrorist Training Camps, Leo Hohmann Interview,
     1400 years of Islam (4 videos)
72. CD Should We Be Socialists? Classic video clips on CD.
73. Mounting Evidence Paddock (Las Vegas shooter) was a Muslim Terrorist
74. Sisters for Life 9th Annual Celebration (2016) Angela Minters Testimony, Rev Dr Clenard Childress Jr speech,
       Gov. Matt Bevin exhortation and bonus footage.

75. Growth of Christianity & Islam (Indonesia, Africa & Beyond)

76. Dept of Education USA: Islam in the Schools: A Quick Look (Copied with permission from Christian Action Network)

77. Ben Shapiro at Berkeley 2017 (1 hr duration)
78. Dinesh D’souza at Liberty University  (32 minutes)

79. How We Succeed (21 minutes) includes Paducah speech by Dr. Simon and video on how we passed SB17 Prayer Bill

80. 2018 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast (over 1hour), including Gov. Matt Bevin, Albert Veksler, and Nick Mingione

81. Socialists Poor People’s Campaign Rally in Frankfort June 11, 2018

82. Creation Science with Mike Manuel, including lectures on creation

83. #WalkAway, discussing the movement to leave the Democrat Party

84. 2018 Kentucky Doctor’s for Life, with Marty Fox, Pastor Bob Russell, etc. (about 1 hour)

85. Kevin Shipp on the Deep State, a lecture about the shadow government (1 hour 5 minutes)

86. The Killing of Uncle Sam, an discussion with Rodney Howard Browne (a little over an hour)

87. South Africa: A Warning for America, including an interview with Minister Dan Bosman (about 90 min. long)

88. We are the Plan: Exposing the New World Order (1 hr 18 m)

89. Noahide Laws: Jews and the Left with Lorraine Day (1 hr 27 m)

90. Doctrine of Islamic Immigration with Dr. Bill Warner (42 min)

91. South Africa Farmer Genocide (12 min)

92. White Throne Judgment (from Evangel) (30 min)

93. Liberty, Lies, and the Left (Dennis Prager speaks at FRC Action)

94. Defending Our Gun Rights

95. Doctors for Life 2019 with Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy

96. The Importance of Fatherhood (with Corbin Seavers, Ashish Joshi, and Robert Purter)

97. Election Theft of the Century (Rudy Giuliani and Russell Ramsland)

98. Treatments for Covid19 (with Frontline Drs)

99. Rudy Giuliani Exposes Election Fraud and Violations

100. Origin of Covid19 (Kentuckians for Freedom, Epoch Times)

101. Laura Ingraham on Hydroxychloroquine

102. Absolute Proof (by Mike Lindell)

103. The Enemies Within (speech by Trevor Loudon)

104. Community Building (with Pastor Cecil Blye)

105A. Marxism and Communism: A Lecture with Darlene Rufra

105B. Socialism, America, and the World: A Lecture with Darlene Rufra

105C. Progressivism, FDR, and the Lies of the Left: A Lecture with Darlene Rufra

105D. Critical Race Theory: A Lecture with Darlene Rufra

106. Absolute Interference (by Mike Lindell)

107. Absolutely 9-0 (by Mike Lindell)

108B. Vexing Covid19 Vaccine Concerns

109. JCPS Fight over Student Resource Officers (about violence in the schools)

110. Doctors for Life 2021: Keynote speaker, Bevelyn Beatty Williams (Dr. Simon awarded Pro-Life Warrior of the Year)

DVD Resources

In addition to printed materials we have DVD copies of video programs available. For a complete list of DVDs see link below.

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