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Truth Warriors

Educating our Youth with Truth

Truth Warriors is a Biblical world view learning experience to counter the raging
non-biblical world view which our young people face on a daily basis. 

Truth Warriors is a program that Kentucky young people can use to learn more about their heritage and to get some answers to help them stand up for what they believe in.

We believe that young people who are better equipped are better able to be the mouths and ears of Jesus to a dark world, speaking out and listening to other's concerns and the will of God.

Jesus answered,
"I am the way, and the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me."
-- John 14:6

We are striving to connect with Kentucky's youth in every school and university by reaching out, connecting, and exemplifying faith in Christ in word, action, and deed, so they may see truth in action.

We are recruiting teens to form "Truth Warriors" groups in their schools that will meet on school grounds before or after school to pray, read the Bible, and learn more about their Faith and American history.

Please call us with contact info of students, parents, teachers, or principals that can help.

Truth Warriors exists to make Christ known to young people, to change lives, and see other lives changed through coming together in one Spirit and talk about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father.

Legal Note:

Keep in mind that, as per federal law, we cannot as an outside group come in and run these before school and after school clubs. (Non-student, non-school-faculty groups are not allowed to run such groups, but the students can.)

Young Patriot Leaders
young patriot leaders branding.png

Do You Know a Future "Young Patriot Leader"?

Thanks to some great patriots who sponsored students to go to the Conservative Leadership Conference on June 5th, 2021, we have some young patriot leaders to recognize for attending and showing leadership.

We recognizing youth in our community who achieve goals in pursuit of faith, family, and freedom and are setting an example for others to follow. Our first group of kids attended the Conservative Leadership Conference on June 5th.

Young Patriot Leaders promo.jpg
Liberty Library Blue and Red.png

Our Liberty Library is a collection of documents (mainly PDFs) on a 16GB flash drive that we can give to teens and adults. The major topics covered include economics, history, political thought, and media and culture. Our selection includes recommendations or documents from the Mises Institute, the CATO Institute, the Online Library of Liberty, WallBuilders, and more!

Buying all of those books in print form would cost thousands of dollars. But in electronic format, they are considerably cheaper.

Order your copy of the Liberty Library today! Call (502)895-5025 to pre-order it; if you want it mailed to you, we will need to know your name and full mailing address, including any PO BOX, apartment, trailer, suite, lot, or unit number if any are applicable.

Liberty Library
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