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Start an AFA Chapter in Your Part of Kentucky


To represent our organization in your community there will be officially branded items that we will make available to you such as a table cover that you see here that we used at a leadership conference.

AFA Chapter Guidelines


Mission, educating people and families on how to stand for morals, decency, Christian values and Americas founding principles.

Family, We believe in the traditional two parent family as God created us to pro create. That means having a male and female parent. Family is the foundation for a moral society.

Pro-life, We believe life begins at conception and no one has the option to terminate that life.

Education, for a lack of knowledge the people parish. Knowledge is power.  we inform families on laws that effect their children and Christianity while fighting the propaganda pushed on our children in the taxpayer funded public schools.

Members/Stewardship, developing new members and uniting patriots. Securing funding for the sustainability and furthering the mission of the AFA.

Bills/ Lobbying, Advocating for moral justice and fighting for pro family legislation.

Leadership, we want to build and educate leaders in our community to step up and run for office, to become advocates and community leaders.

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