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Our Values

1. We believe that marriage defined as a union of a man and a woman is the basis of the family and all civilization. The design for marriage and family was made by God, not man (Genesis 2:22-25).

There are those who want to redefine marriage and allow homosexual unions.

Homosexual Marriages were legalized in Sweden in 1989 and now marriage has become almost obsolete there.

Homosexual behavior is the leading cause of AIDS in America and should not be encouraged by legalizing homosexual unions.

2. We believe every child needs a mother and a father. (Most criminals are from broken homes.)

3. We support the right of all children to pray.

There are those who want to prevent children from praying; some want to deny them all of the comfort and encouragement that comes from prayer.

4. We  support a balanced presentation in schools to teach The Scientific Basis of Creation and The Theory of Evolution without censorship.

There are those who want to censor the scientific basis of creation. They try to prevent a balanced presentation of the issue of the origin of life. They want to teach children that there is no God and no absolutes. They believe that life is just an accident that has no intelligent design.  This leads to a mentality of "Survival of the Fittest" and" The Law of the Jungle."

5. We support teaching of only healthy lifestyles in the schools.


There are those who want to encourage children to experiment with homosexual acts, which are the number one cause of AIDS in America.  It's Elementary is a video produced by the Homosexual Movement to present homosexual behavior in a favorable light to kindergarten children.  It has been shown to teachers in Kentucky at least one time already.

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