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And designate a portion of sales to support us.



On-site Volunteering

Group Meetings

So many ways your time and talents can support our organization.

• Write an article,

• Make phone calls,

• Rally or door knock,

• Folding and stuffing letters.

• Pray

• Host an information booth

• Distribute our literature, including petitions, event flyers, and so on.

Weekly meetings to discuss plans of action for our initiatives include volunteers who wish to lead subcommittees. If you wish to join our conservative group or distribute literature, please indicate that in the email subject line and by mentioning your relevant contact info, such as mailing address, phone #, and email address. Let us know whether or not you would be okay with receiving robocalls.


Make a difference today!

• Education

• Voter Integrity

• Vetting Candidates

• Media

• Crime


Service Hours

Do you know someone in need of service hours?

You can support us by joining our movement as a conservative group leader or as a distributor of literature.

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