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Can Banks Steal Our Money?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Have you heard of ESG Scores? And social credit system?

Have you heard of Bank Bail-Ins?

Have you heard of the Great Reset?

What about the Cashless System or CBDC?

These things are not constitutional, and we need to hold our legislature accountable to us for their position on these matters. Do we know the implications of Joe Biden's Executive Order #14067? A Bill has been filed to fight it! S.4831 - No CBDC Act

We are presenting a class where you can learn more about these issues, and what to do about it to protect your personal wealth as well as hold our legislature accountable to the constitution.

If your representatives will not hear you about these concerns, and tell you what they are going to do about it; tell them that you can't support them anymore. We do not agree with a two party dictatorship.

"Do You Put Your Money in the Bank So Your Bank Can Steal it From You?" Richard Lewis

"You Can't Destroy America and Expect My Vote" Richard Lewis

Please join us for this important presentation. All the indicators are there that these measures will soon be implemented if we do not take action to prevent it!

Class Date: Tuesday, October 4th @ 6pm-8pm

1404 Browns Lane, Suite F (Second Floor conference room through center doors of building upstairs and to the right)

Click here for more links to info about the Great Reset

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