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School Choice: Kentucky Allow State Funding for Non-Public Education Amendment (2024)

Updated: 4 days ago

What do you know about the "school choice" Kentucky Constitutional amendment that is coming up for a vote on your ballot in November 2024? If you need more information in order to feel informed on this issue, likely there are others you know that need information too. So once you know and understand it, you can help others to understand it. We need to educate if we hope to get the outcome we are looking for.

Why is this so important? Did you know that every other state surrounding us already has school choice? We don't want to lose good educators or families to other states to get their needs met.

Another concern expressed is that this amendment would "defund" public schools, but that is not the case. The same student-first legislators who support school choice have also increased public education spending by billions of dollars as required by the Constitution. The Constitutional Amendment would simply allow the General Assembly to pass a separate program supporting students in nonpublic schools.

Survey results on school choice have shown significant support for school choice.

If you believe that the tax dollars you pay for education should follow the child to support their education no matter where the family chooses to educate them, Then you will vote "YES" for the

Ballot amendment #2. Just that simple.

 The ballot title is as follows:[1]

“To give parents choices in educational opportunities for their children, are you in favor of enabling the General Assembly to provide financial support for the education costs of students in kindergarten through 12th grade who are outside the system of common (public) schools by amending the Constitution of Kentucky as stated below?[4]”

Constitutional changes

The ballot measure would add a new section to the Kentucky Constitution. The following underlined text would be added:[1]

The General Assembly may provide financial support for the education of students outside the system of common schools. The General Assembly may exercise this authority by law, Sections 59, 60, 171, 183, 184, 186, and 189 of this Constitution notwithstanding.[4]

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