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"Sound of Freedom" Hits Close to Home.

You may have seen Sound of Freedom, the number one movie in the nation, over the Independence holiday weekend. It is a tastefully done story based on real life events about the hard reality of human trafficking. The horrors of this activity are also taking place closer to home. And a line from the movie that sums up the Christian message of the movie is “God’s Children are Not for Sale” as pointed out in this article put out by the American Family Association. As you know, we have a border crisis going on in our nation at the southern border, and there is evidence that these are not just refugees coming across the border from Mexico, but cartels that are transporting women and children for trafficking rings. While we need to put a stop to this activity, we know that once these people get into the United States, they are being bused to major cities across the country. And to what ends? That is yet to be seen and could be going on right under our noses if we do not raise our awareness of such activity. So, while the movie portrays trafficking in a far-off country. It is happening here in the United States, in big cities as well as rural areas. And that includes Kentucky. In 2019 Kentucky ranked 9th in new federal criminal human trafficking cases. And events like our Kentucky Derby are known to be high trafficking times. You can see a detailed report put out in 2021 on Human Trafficking in Kentucky. So, while the main character in the movie puts his life on the line to bring back a child to its family, you too can step up and answer the call if ever you see suspicious activity in your area. There is a program in Kentucky called Your Eyes Saves Lives and Attorney General Daniel Cameron has introduced the program in 2021. There are child advocacy centers prepared to help children through these traumatic experiences and get them back into safe environments. Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office provides more resources here. And remember Your Eyes Saves Lives can help a child here in Kentucky and it may even be you who saves one. Feel free to share this PSA on your social media to raise awareness.

KNOW THE SIGN! Teach your children the secret hand signal for help.

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