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Are You Ready for What is Coming?

You are not going to want to miss our upcoming conference!

Find out how the Great Reset is influencing your life right now and how it plans to change global finance, energy, climate, and international governments by the year 2030. Renewable energy, a healthier safer world, cybersecurity, no more poverty or homelessness – these sound like noble objectives, but could the seemingly beneficial goals of the Great Reset actually be a plan for world domination and the overthrow of Christianity? Pastor Brandon Holthaus explains the Great Reset, the people behind it, and the philosophies that are driving this movement. Is it merely a plan for a better world or is it a plan to establish a world system that will allow one man to rule the entire world? You do not want to miss this conversation. Brandon Holthaus is Senior Pastor of Rock Harbor Church in California, an expert on Bible Prophecy, and frequent guest on prophecy programs and conferences. He has done extensive research into the Great Reset.

Dr Andy Woods discusses the past, present, and future of Government from a Biblical point of view.

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