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Children, Their Cell Phones, And The Classroom.

There are pros and cons to everything. And while children possess their cellphones for emergencies and safety before and after school, are they disruptive to students during class? Research shows that students who are distracted by cell phones perform worse academically (source: Journal of Education Psychology). By eliminating this distraction, we can create a more focused and effective learning environment for our children.

A bill was introduced in the 2024 Kentucky Legislative session to address this. You can see more about that at the link below.

Since, the legislature is not in session and the bill did not move forward, a petition titled: Ban Cell Phone Use in Kentucky Schools During Instruction Times, has been created to ask the Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear to sign an executive order to ban call phone use in the classroom.

We are not in any way connected to generating this petition, but if you have questions about it, you can contact JCPS School Teacher, La Glenda Reed at 502.873-6301 with your questions. She also offers to come to your group or organization to show a video presentation that explains the seriousness of the use of cell phones in the classroom problem.

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