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Educators Do Have Choices

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

There is a conservative option for teacher/education coverage and protection. The Kentucky Association of Professional Educators (KAPE) * KAPE offers more liability coverage: 2 million vs 1 million liability coverage from NEA * KAPE is cheaper per year $200.00 vs $618.00 for NEA * KAPE has no political agenda vs KEA using money to promote liberal progressive candidates Check it out for yourself: Kentucky Association of Professional Educators: KAPE-VS-KEA Consider joining today and dropping KEA. Their home page states: PAY FOR WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT For a fraction of the cost of other organizations, KAPE offers DOUBLE the liability coverage! For $200/year you receive $2 million in liability coverage and other benefits. PLUS, if need for legal representation arises in an employment dispute or threat to your licensure through referral to EPSB, you will have GUARANTEED legal representation until the incident is resolved. With KAPE, you can love your school and your wallet!

Why Join KAPE? -$2 million in professional liability insurance (per member/per occurrence) -Excellent legal representation (locally and in threat to your licensure by referral to EPSB) -Savings of $400 or more per year for double the liability coverage -Discounts on Life/Auto/Homeowners Insurance -Scholarships for members and their families -NO support of political or social agendas -NO support of political parties or candidates

UPDATE: 6.4.21 KAPE has updated its branding since this article was published

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