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Let Us Pray.

We took a survey of our supporters awhile back and asked them what aspects of our mission were the most important issues to focus on, in their opinion, and what could they do to take part in those efforts. Many of us are activists to be the hands and feet of Christ according to our purpose and there is no diminishing that or those missions. But some said that in declining physical capability or because of their location, time constraints or other ministry commitments, what they could do from any where at any time is PRAY!

We include prayer in everything we do at Kentucky Family Association, but there are some people who are very gifted in prayer and are "prayer warriors" so to speak. And in many cases there is nothing more powerful than prayer. And corporate prayer even more so. We want to include those of you who who have offered to pray, a more targeted way to pray. And for those of you who need prayer, we want to give you are more direct way to request prayer.

We hope that this helps to strengthen the body of our supporters and transcends some barriers to achieving more for God's Kingdom in the name of Jesus/Yeshua. Our Messiah. Amen.

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