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Impeach Governor Andy Beshear

If you agree that Governor Andy Beshear has overstepped the bounds of his authority as governor of our commonwealth in 2020 with restrictions due to Covid-19, then click on the link to send a message to your Kentucky State Representative and Senator to Impeach him when they are back in session. (The articles of impeachment must be issued by the House of Representatives and the trial is conducted by the Senate.) In light of the recent actions taken by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear infringing on the rights of our citizens, we feel that it is necessary for him to be impeached.

The Governor has powers during an emergency, but the measures that Governor Beshear has used are unconstitutional on many levels. The people of the Commonwealth deserve leadership that abides by constitutional law, not a dictator who uses executive powers he does not have.

For the good of our beloved commonwealth, we request that the Kentucky General Assembly thoroughly review Governor Beshear’s actions, and prosecute him as necessary

WHEREAS, The Governor has enacted measures to put thousands of people out of work.

WHEREAS, the Governor has enacted measures to prevent people from worshipping Almighty God according to their conscience in violation of Section 1, Article Two of the Kentucky Constitution.

WHEREAS, The Governor has enacted measures to prevent people from assembling peacefully in clear violation of Section 1, Article 6 of the Kentucky Constitution. Also in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. WHERAS, the Governor has mandated that people wear masks, when the face coverings do NOT prevent the spread of the corona virus, and actually cause harm to the wearers.

We, the undersigned citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, hereby call upon the Kentucky State House of Representatives to perform its constitutional duties and introduce Articles of Impeachment against Governor Andrew Graham Beshear. (wording taken from various petitions to impeach Gov Beshear)

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