Hey AFA SUPPORTERS – The Christmas Season of 2020… is here!

Do you want to save a little money and at the same time help the American Family Association of Kentucky?

We have a great little stocking stuffer for only $20.00 plus shipping (approx $3) with loads of coupon savings at hundreds of restaurants and other fine stores in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. A book is also available for Lexington.

The coupons are valid now and last until December 1, 2021!

Every Cashbook Savings book you buy for just $20.00 American Family Association of Kentucky makes $10.00.

Below are a few of the restaurants and stores that are in this amazing little coupon savings book and there are hundreds more with LOTS of savings for you in 2020!

There are over $5,000 worth of coupons and each book comes with an

App for your iPhone or Android.

So join the Christmas Spirit and help support

American Family Association of Kentucky


Put a little savings in your and your loved ones stocking this Christmas!

Call AFA of KY at (502)893-2444

And order 1, 10 or 100!

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