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Thanks to Candidates Who Spoke at Our Event

Our candidate night was open to all candidates in Jefferson County running in the primary and any local candidate who wanted to speak. We had a good turnout.

Claudette Patton, District Judge Div 15

Dorislee Gilbert, Jefferson County Circuit court Judge

Emily Calloway, KY State Rep, Dist 37

Bryan Shepherd, KY State House, Dist 41

Mike Craven, US Congress 3rd District

Bil Ferko, KY State Senate, District 6

Lindsey Tichenor, KY Senate #6

Everett Carly, State Senate, 26th District

James Peden, KY Senate #26

Ray Barker, Sr. (Sir Friendly C), Metro Council, District #5

Dan Seum, Jr. Metro Council, District #13

Irena Baptiste, Metro Council, District #21

Charlie Bell, Metro Council, District #1

Matt Singleton, School Board, Jefferson Co, District #6

Jimmie Miracle, State Representative, District 37

Mark P Wooten, Jefferson Co Clerk

Bob DeVore, Jefferson Co Clerk

Cade Martin, 4th District Constable

George Rodman, Jefferson Co Sheriff

Tami Stainfield, US Senate

Darion Barrios, US Congress

Daniel Cobble, US Rep. District #3

Justin Gregory, US House

Gregory P Puccetti, US House 3rd District

Rhonda Palazzo, US House 3rd District

Tim Findley Jr., Mayor of Louisville

Chartrael Hall, Mayor of Louisville

To hear the livestream of the candidates speaking, click link below.

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